Latest update: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the Scottish Government has extended restrictions across the country. Following this guidance, all Hilton Grand Vacations managed properties in Scotland have temporarily suspended operations. The restrictions are expected to be in place until 26 April 2021 and are contingent upon further reviews by the Scottish Government. The next review is expected on 15 March 2021.  Full details


Refurbishment work on site is always ongoing with regular rolling items such as interior and exterior decoration, floor coverings, kitchen appliances, along with grounds and maintenance. In addition to this there is also a schedule of specific maintenance weeks set aside for each property to ensure they are kept to the high standard our Owners expect.

The lodges are all benefiting from the roll-out of new stylish, sleek and modern kitchens and bathrooms.

This programme started in 2018 with Lodges 16 & 17 getting new kitchens and Lodges 14 & 15 getting new bathrooms and shower rooms. Lodges 14-17 also had bed covers replaced in the twin downstairs bedrooms.


New Kitchens: Lodges: 9-12 and Lodges 14 & 15 replaced.

New Bathrooms: Lodges 16-17 replaced.

Other: Lodges 18-23 – Conservatory furniture has been covered and bed covers replaced


New bathrooms: Lodges 9-12 replaced.

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